About CancelCovid.org

The medical, technology, academic, scientific, business, and artistic communities have all come together to help combat the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Our focus is bringing scientific rigor and the power of social media together in an effort to save lives and help reduce society’s collective risk with COVID-19.

The Team

A crowdsourced all-volunteer pro-bono army, consisting of MIT Economist Erik Brynjolfsson, King’s College ENT Surgeon and Professor of Rhinology Claire Hopkins, former NBC and CBS Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Bob Arnot, Adtech firm ViralGains, Influencer marketing company Mavrck, scientific due diligence firm Science Bounty and dozens of others who have come together specifically for this project under the auspices of newly formed initiative CancelCovid.org.

Our Mission

To mitigate the COVID-19 outbreak by getting more people with a potential COVID-19 symptom which is not widely known (anosmia, or sudden and complete loss of sense of smell) to self-isolate, stay home, and wear a mask if they absolutely have to go out.

To gather aggregated and anonymous population-level data that will allow public health professionals, researchers, and others to aid in the treatment, spread, and management of the virus, and to understand the impact of social media and advertising on spreading the word about anosmia and coronavirus.

Thank you to our Volunteers, Contributors, and Medical Experts

John Allred

Dr. Bob Arnot

Dr. Chris Bisssonette

Dr. Erik Brynjolfsson

Cindy Brown

Alex Kondo Chapman

Brendan Ciecko

Ian Cohen

Chase Compton

Gabrielle Duchesneau

Nalani Genser

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Dr. Claire Hopkins

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Thank you to Our Sponsors

CDC adds Loss of Smell as COVID-19 Symptom

Symptom added to CDC.gov on April 18, 2020