It’s Time to Cancel COVID-19

COVID-19 has cancelled many aspects of our daily life, but together, we will CancelCovid. Our social awareness campaign could help unintentional “silent spreaders” self-identify and self-isolate based on one unusual symptom: complete loss of sense of smell (known as anosmia). Your participation could help researchers and policymakers as they review shelter-in-place and stay-at-home measures.

CDC adds Loss of Smell as COVID-19 Symptom

Symptom added to on April 18, 2020

Complete the


You may have Coronavirus and not know it, but your nose just might.

Complete the #CancelCovidSmellChallenge

You may have Coronavirus and not know it, but your nose just might.

Step 1: Smell Something Stinky

Find something stinky at home and smell it to check if you may have complete loss of smell (anosmia). Avoid cleaning products like bleach.

Step 2: Submit Smell Results Weekly

Submit your smell results every week on regardless of whether you can or cannot smell. All results are anonymous.

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Step 3: Create a Challenge Video

If you can smell, record a short and creative video of you smelling something stinky. In your video, challenge three others to participate.

Step 4: Share on Social Media

Post your video on social media, tag the three people you challenged to participate, include and the Challenge hashtag above.


Did you know the loss of smell is a sign of COVID-19? 😱 @cancelcovidorg ##couplelife ##cancelcovidsmellchallenge ##ad

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Did you know the loss of smell is a symptom of COVID-19? @cancelcovidorg ##cancelcovidsmellchallenge ##ad

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Do it for Grandma

A recent study of more than 76,000 people, found the predictive ability of loss of smell and taste to be higher than fever or persistent cough, which is in line with our previous finding that loss of smell and taste was the strongest predictor of having the virus.

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of patients with COVID-19 reported olfactory dysfunctions, according to a European study. Loss of smell could be an indication that someone may be a Coronavirus carrier even if they don’t have a cough, fever or other typical symptoms.

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If we can get people to self-report loss of a sense of smell globally, we might be able to identify countries and regions as the outbreak starts.

Prof Claire Hopkins, BMBCh, MA FRCS(ORLHNS) DM(Oxon)President of the British Rhinological Society, Professor of Rhinology King’s College London
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Together we will CancelCovid.